Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crazy for TV

Hi my name is Heather Padron. I am a student at UNC-Chapel Hill and a new bride to be! Born in New Jersey, I grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. I work at Chick-fil-A and have for seven years. Currently I am an assistant general manager at a location in Durham. I aspire to be an operator of my own store one day. I love to shop and I love TV, movies and all things entertainment. However, our pop culture has so intertwined the two that entertainment has become nothing more than a billboard to consumers. If it is not the loud flashy commercials interrupting every television show, it’s the conspicuous product placements in every movie and show. Now studios have found another way to capitalize on its viewers. Rather than serving as a canvas for artists to connect with an audience, entertainment has become a commercialized platform for companies to push their products into the faces of consumers and for studios to find yet another stream of revenues. It is exactly that message that has created a culture of buy now and pay later; keeping up with Jones’; and that the latest and greatest is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

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  1. Heather P.—Very well done! I like how your narrative started off with just a taste of UNC history so that could greatly contrast the prestige of the University with the tragic and haunting story that you were about to tell. Placing your images throughout the story as you were telling it helped me to visualize what was going on and connect more with the story and its characters. Great job altering the images to make them appear more ghostly. The blurred faces are a very popular staple in modern supernatural movies. This really gave your images a more haunting feel. The way that you made the characters seem fuzzy and dreamlike while the rest of the setting around them was still sharp and natural looking was very clever. It helped me to see the figures more as ghosts and not just people in the photographs. Your images attempted to enhance an historical ghost story and they accomplished that very well. The photos are very memorable, especially the one showing the red rock. I like how the images were all in black and white except that one. It was important for you to show the red on the rock to better convince your audience. Great story and awesome images!